Welcome to the ocean comm/uni/ty

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What is the ocean comm/uni/ty?

The ocean comm/uni/ty is an online social space developed and hosted by TBA21–Academy for ocean lovers, researchers and practitioners to gather, discover and (un)learn across oceans 🌊🌊🌊

Membership is free and opens up:

🌊 A transdisciplinary global network of ocean researchers and practitioners

💧 Direct access to OCEAN / UNI sessions, materials, and updates

🧿 Dedicated spaces for groups and institutions

💙 Fluid channels for thoughts and chats.


Enter the portal to OCEAN / UNI

ocean comm/uni/ty is the online portal to access the ongoing and past program of OCEAN / UNI, a hybrid higher educational program that invites thinking with the oceans and seeks to dissolve land-sea binaries. The curriculum wanders through the themes, content, and discourses surrounding TBA21–Academy’s programming, opening them up through guest conversations, presentations & activations with practitioners from diverse fields.


Find friends and collaborators

Entering unknown waters can be hard to do alone. With camaraderie and curiosity, we can harbor collaboration among a lively network of ocean people near and far. Sharing insights, telling stories, and passing on updates all help to weave a resilient fabric of ocean knowledge.


Dive into our digital ecosystem

In concert with OCEAN / UNI and Ocean-Archive.org, ocean comm/uni/ty forms an immersive three-pronged ecosystem for learning, discovering, and gathering.

TBA21–Academy is a research platform fostering a deeper relationship with the Ocean and wider ecologies by working as an incubator for transdisciplinary inquiry, artistic production, and environmental advocacy. For more than a decade, the Academy has catalyzed new forms of knowledge emerging from the exchanges between art, science, policy, and conservation in long-term and collaborative engagement through commissions, fellowships, residency programs, and activities in a wide variety of formats.